Cooking and baking have always been two of the things I love the most about life. When I am in my kitchen I forget all about my worries and I just indulge myself into creating new tasty recipes.

I always make sure to create easy and simple recipes to be able to cope with my hectic life. I am a housewife with 2 beautiful girls, I have a small business of mirror crafting and I teach part time; so complicated recipes are not my favorite niche. I always try my best to come up with healthy recipes or, at least, low fat and low sugar recipes that won’t make me feel so guilty, but let’s face it, sometimes fatty foods are so good which allows me to make few exceptions now and then.

My husband is a chef, so I get the best advices and the most useful reviews from him. So when you choose one of my recipes, you can rest assure that it has been tested by professionals!

My cooking channel was the next best thing. I always dreamed about having a cooking show, and that was the jumpstart point of my channel. But without your encouragement my dream won’t come true. So, how about visiting it and subscribing to it? Cook N’ Bake

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